Sweet, sweet Saturdays

Good morning, sweet Saturday. I love you to pieces when I can putter around doing this and that. Spending the morning with my tea, and my kiddos. They are all in various stages of play right now and basically ignoring me but I will lure them into my momma web with food and conversation shortly. Omelets and fruit/granola/parfaits should do it. My husband may even venture in from his Saturday morning sports watching rituals for that . Ha …maybe . Food is no competition for TSN.

There are some things on my agenda this weekend though. One must never wander aimlessly through life when you have a cute daytimer. A list must be made !

The girls are laying like mad again. I keep an egg production sheet and it is steadily going up, up, up. Eggs get washed in warm water every three days so that meant almost 90 eggs washed this morning while my tea steeped. I’m also working on my Beginning Chicken Keeping Workshop right now taking place on Jan 26th and Jan 30. See details and how to register here, https://www.facebook.com/events/583011222152226/?ti=icl

Yahoo ! This makes me sing like Macklemore “popping tags “! Thrift store finds of mason jars for upcoming garden canning need to be washed and stored. $3.50, people, for the WHOLE BASKET and THE BASKET. Seriously, the KONMARI method does not apply to Mason jars (I am sure of it.)

Bunnnies need to be bred soon for spring kits. My breeding doe Oscaretta will visit Sephora (above) shortly and Sephora is such a sweet guy I am sure Oscaretta will be swept off her bunny feet. If not I will know very shortly as they will be tearing each other apart. Rabbits keep things simple :love or hate . They are pregnant for 35 days and then kits are not ready to go for 8 weeks . So now is perfect .We are also expecting a huge storm tomorrow so cuddling in the barn sounds like a delightful way to pass that time. I hopefully will be doing the same in the house . The dogs will be happy to hear that. They seem to think any cuddling needs to involve them.

Have a sweet, sweet Saturday , Y’all!

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