Meal Plan Monday (Week of October 12-18

Meal Plan Monday and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

We had to do a bit of switching around with Monday being thanksgiving dinner poutine by request from our oldest son who was going fishing. But I had everything on hand and it was delicious. I had painted all day so this was a great treat and I used paper plates because well…I was painting all day .

Dolly is loving the pumpkin innards.

I’m not sure why I decided to make over the bathroom this week but the spirit moved me so I jumped in. Deep sage green walls, rose gold, mint and blush pink accents is looking so perfectly cozy for winter baths. I love bath season….sigh.

In progress

We had a huge family dinner at my mom’s yesterday. It was so lovely. See my IG stories for some fun pictures. And if you see my mom wish her a very Happy Birthday !

Mom’s 66th birthday, and my 49th is the next day but neither of us is 510 lol

The rest of the week sees our meat hens going to the processor, the rest of the pigs going to the butcher, the kids have various activities and on Sunday I’m super pumped to be @themom_marketsouthshore

I love raising pigs

It’s a curated market taking place @boxingrockbrewery where I’ll be selling, along with other awesome local vendors, our super cute line of greeting cards, calendars and framed prints featuring all our farm animals, and our wool dryer balls. Hope to see you there.

Our unique line of farm products

It’s weeks like this I’m really glad I meal plan. It saves so much angst!


Jenn xx

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