Upcoming Events

The Simple East Coast Living FairHands up if you would like to learn more basic skills in this complicated world. Presentations will be 20-30 minutes long and are included in the price of admission. There will be local vendors showcasing their simple life products, artistry, and homestead goodies.
Visit their website here.
8:30 AMBarrington Lions Hall, Barrington
Yarmouth Spring Living ShowA wonderful event showcasing all things home tailor made for Sou West Nova Scotia. A Must attend!
Visit their website here.
Beginning Chicken KeepingGuaranteed to get you excited about all things home ! Whether you are planning to get chickens for eggs or meat, you already have chickens but have questions, or want to know if you are ready for chickens, this interactive session is all about chatting chicken.
Presenter Jennifer Spencer is a local farmer of too many generations to count, and has had chickens her whole life. She gets excited about passing on the knowledge and hard lessons learned so others can share in the joy and wonder of home grown goodness and a more sustainable life. A mother of 4, grandmother of two and owner/operator of Yellow Brick Road Farm, she will help you through the realities of owning chickens in rural Nova Scotia and how to raise your own food successfully.

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