Our Animals

Our Animals

We have quite a cast of characters on the farm. I suspect every farmer says this (but it’s really true here). There are some who only stay for a short while and there are others who are here for life.


We have a Cotswold ewe, Willow, who is 14 and and was a rehome with her mom about 7 years ago. We mostly have texel/northcountry cheviots and we never keep a ram ion site. Which means we rely on bottle babies or other breeders for our stock. They are used primarily for their wool here but can be used for meat as well. We love wool, and use it for many things such as dryer balls, wool products, yarn, and even in the garden,


We have four horses who all have special places in our heart. Horses will do that to you ❤️ Kali came to us from my Uncle’s farm 7 years ago. She is 14 years old this year and my daughter barrel races on her. I often share her racing videos on my social media . We love travelling around to watch her.

Pyper also came from my Uncle’s Farm so her and Kali knew each other when Pyper was a baby. She is a 7 year old quarter horse and is a Western Pleasure/trail project horse for us. We are happy she is here.

Amber , 10 years, and April,13 , came to us when they were 1 and 3. They were born at Oaklawn Farm in the Valley and were sold for various reasons. We got them from a hard situation where the family was no longer able to look after them. It has taken loads of love and time but they have become two VIH (Very Important Horses) in our eyes. Amber is used for therapy, pleasure, and western riding and will begin carting this year. April has a leg that rehabbed poorly when she was 1 so she is used for parades, cuddles, love, and therapy.


We have pure Holland Lops and Lionhead/lop crosses. We also breed the sweetest baby bunnies! Usually one litter a year, which are then kept on the farm or used with our 4Hers. Rabbits are great for making manure, which we need a ton of, as we grow 80% of our own food.


We keep silkies because they are good mommas and love to hatch chicks. We also have a flock of egg layers as silkies will not keep a big family in eggs!


I just love pigs and all their pigginess.

We raise pigs on pasture/woodlot from April till October every year. We depend on pigs for our nourishment and are very thankful for them.


We also have two young pups who are herding dogs named Winnie and Willow. They need to be on the go constantly and move quite a bit faster than Tom . I can’t wait to work more with them this summer with the sheep.

Farm Cats

Monty and Chase work hard on the farm and work hard at aggravating each other.

Magnum or Mags , we have had the longest and you won’t catch him within 5 ft of those other two.

And we recently gave Chilli a new home in our barn. A beautiful little tabby who will keep all the mice out of our vegetables over the winter.

A Few Others

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