Our Story

Our Story

Homesteading on one acre and farming at two locations has its challenges, but through them we learn to value the important things.
Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfect. With family, good food and lots of laughter, we can get through it all.

Jennifer holding an armful of fresh vegetables

I have come a long way from the little farmgirl who grew up on a backwoods dirt road wishing for her very own palomino horse named Stardust, delivering milk to the neighbors in her wagon. I am now a *big farmgirl* living on a windy, ocean road with four horses, and an egg stand on Cape Sable Island (not the one with the horses….well we have horses but we aren’t THAT Sable Island). CSI is located on the very Southwest tip of Nova Scotia, Canada and it is very MUCH a fishing village.

My husband Trevor, the reluctant farmer, and I raise our four children here: Courtney 26, who lives nearby with grandsons Owen and Oliver; Logan, 22 a fisherman, and building his own homestead; Charlize 19 in her first year of college; and Luke 15, in Grade 11 and helping me out on the farm in between sports and school.

There was a lot in between like being a youth ski instructor, a salesclerk, owning a slogan T-shirt cart,  a telefundraiser, a nanny on an English estate, a waitress in a wine bar, working in stocks and investments, becoming an aerobic instructor, a recreation director, getting married, having 4 children, and 2 grandchildren, volunteering, blogger, assistant manager, part time farmer, full time homesteader …..and here I am. Whew!

The sheep are getting some feed
A snowy day on the farm being led by the dog

Although this wasn’t really my plan at 18, every single road led me back to who I am. Every experience changed me and peeled back the vanity of youth. I still love early mornings when the dew is still fresh on the fields. I still can’t go by a pile of fresh turned over ground without running my hands in it. I cannot NOT smell hay. I always want to be able to gather eggs warm from the coop, and pull my carrots by the bunch fresh out of the ground. I always want to feel the farm rhythms of each season. At my very core, it’s all I have ever known, what I need and what I was called to do.

I am glad you are here. This is my space where I tell stories, share how-tos, and invite you to fellowship through food. Welcome.

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