Goodbye Darkness, my old friend.

As we end January, I have noticed

a)not everyone seems to enjoy January;

b) I’m ok with more light coming into my day.

Because fall is so full of back to school, processing and harvesting , end of year 4H events , organization for the new 4H year, wrapping up horse shows, hockey season kickoff , Christmas prep ….well do you see what I mean ? January is a relief for me . I set no resolutions. I don’t believe in them . For me it’s a time to recharge and snuggle in, daydream and plan without feeling the urgency to do one darn thing except breathe. It helps to keep that bar low for all 94 days of January. (I wish!)

I received such a sweet gift from my friend Jenni as she attended my first ever Chicken Academy . Not really what it is called but it’s all in the marketing:)

I hosted two workshops on Beginning Chicken Keeping and what fun they were ! Some great people and I chatted Chicken for over two hours covering all kinds of topics. I can’t wait to do it again ! What other topics do you think people want to talk about ? Too bad there is no market for laundry chats, I feel that is so present in my life . Meh, I have no passion for it though. If we didn’t need clean underwear …..

Here’s to sunny-er chicken keeping days. Oh I cannot wait to hatch some chicks. Hopefully more hens than roosters this year. Four chicken men is enough.

My cousin David (Gosh, I miss him !) used to quote “Nothing gold can stay.” David on the right below, took his own life in January two years ago. If you are struggling with anything large or small , please speak to someone , anyone. You will be so surprised by who will just be there with you and YOU matter.

David is the reason I just breathe in January and enjoy it. Because I can ❤️

So I’m saying goodbye to the “gold” moments of January. They weren’t all gold but you have to have the grey to appreciate the gold.

What will February bring for us and on the farm?Sometimes I am just as surprised as everyone else what I come up with.

Did I mention we are planning to start a Farmers Market ?!?

In the meantime ,

Stay tuned,

Jenn xx

or forever known to David as “J.J.” ❤️

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