Summer Book Reading List and Farm Update

I love this cookbook by Jill Winger….it reads like a, well….a book. Full of stories and tips all about their homestead life.

I love to read so it’s no surprise this post was coming.

There is nothing better than sitting on the back deck ( not really a sitting on the beach kind), sun beating down, slight breeze keeping bugs away and smell of manure downwind, every creature is munching away happily, the birds are chirping, a tall glass of cold ice tea, and a fabulous book.

I always say I have no taste in music or books …..because I love all kinds. You will find country, rap, classical, rock, metal etc on my playlist and my bookshelf is no different.

Here’s a list of books to keep me going this summer, in no particular order and no particular theme.

1. The Complete Root Cellar by Steve Maxwell and Jennifer Mackenzie

I need more projects. Just going to leave that here. Snort if you must .

2. Every Little Piece of Me by Amy Jones

3. Normal People by Sally Rooney


The next three are all by Mr Salatin ( Who sometimes rambles but I pretend we are in a conversation and tune out what I need to 🙂

4. The Marvelous Pigginess of Pigs

5. Salad Bar Beef

6 Everything I Want to Do is Illegal

All by Joel Salatin

7. The Biggest Little Farm – Saving Emma the Pig By John Chester

One for the Grandkids….we have another little grandson due this week so be prepared for next blog post to be full of baby cuteness !

I also am anxiously awaiting the release of the award winning movie ” The Biggest Little Farm” …..It looks to be so inspiring !

See trailer here :

8. A Long Way Gone – Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

By Ishmael Beah

This is an autobiography and while I know this one will make me sad, I also know we must read to educate ourselves about injustice in this world .

I have a feeling I will hug my kids a little tighter after this one.

9. The New Farm By Brent Preston

I love for books to be funny and this one looks good as I previewed the first few pages .

10. A Greenhouse Mystery – the series

By Wendy Tyson

I found out about this series after a friend and I had a conversation about chicken tractors. Weird but true. Anyway looks like a great light read (after the others I may need it and who doesn’t love a series ??

These should all keep me content for the summer. I am always happiest when reading. It is a great barometer for my mental health (as is any hobby). If things are too busy and I can’t find time to read, or I am worrying too much and lose interest in reading, those are great signs for me to stop and look at how things are going in our lives and haul it back to a manageable level. If you can’t bring yourself to do the things you love, something in your life is off balance.

Cookbook review

It has some great recipes I am dying to try (in particular a Chinese Roasted duck )and it’s an entertaining read. It is a very healthy , unprocessed, simple food cookbook. No condensed soups here. There are stories of Gwyneth’s ( I feel we are on a first name basis now ) childhood and explanations on why she substitutes what she does.

I got it from the library like I always do before I buy. That saves a whole lotta heartache and trips to the Salvation Army to drop off cookbooks collecting dust on my bookshelf because there was only one good recipe in the book. Not to mention the money I save .

To spend on more books. Ha !

I will be trying a few recipes out this week, so check my Instagram for those.

Farm & Garden Update

Things are happening FINALLY . We have had so much rain ….like 700 mm since April. It has caused a hay shortage which thankfully I have managed to avoid. Barely . Hay is costing almost double what it usually is which is going to drive up the cost of anything raised on it.

Another storm is coming in .

Some years are like this. But it’s still rough.

Here are some pictures of the garden which is growing really well now, after a fashion.

Tomato plants are being tied to the hoop house roof. I also invested in drip hoses for them this year. They better appreciate it.

Must run and get my beauty rest for July 1st tomorrow. We are in a parade with our 4H club and our miniature horses . I may throw a sheep in there too . Who knows ?!

Happy Canada Day Everyone !

Love Jenn xx

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