14 Places To Find Garden Seeds Right Now

Just a quick note to list off some great seed sources. This is the number one question I am getting lately .A lot and I mean ALOT of places are sold out this year. Some online stores have shut down ordering as well, so although I checked, things are changing fast .

  • Spencer’s Garden Center in Shelburne, NS
  • Lavender Hill, Shelburne has a list of starts on their fb page. Call to order and curbside
  • L’Ouest Ville Perennials, Argyle Head, NS
  • Veseys has shutdown ordering
  • Halifax Seed has shut down orders
  • Yonderhill Seeds (online )
  • Incredible Seed (online )
  • Bakers Creek has shut down orders
  • Hope Seed (online )
  • Annapolis Valley Seeds (online )
  • Home Hardware Stores (curbside pickup )Wilson’s Home Hardware , Barrington has a huge garden section
  • Canadian Tire (online, phone and curbside )
  • Shur Gain Feeds and Needs , Bridgewater (distributor of Veseys )
  • I have never used Amazon for seeds however I am told they are still shipping seeds.

I hope this helps with some searching you may be doing for your garden needs. I plan and order in January out of habit, however one never knows now, do they ?!

Next year I plan to save a lot more of my own seeds to guarantee a supply for our family. Well that’s the plan anyway …..we all know, we make plans and God laughs !

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