A Typical Day on YBRF

The other day I was being interviewed for a podcast, Connected to the Land (more to follow on this fun thing soon!) and the host Ian asked me what was a typical day like for me here on the farm . I started to explain however I may have gotten off on another topic, as I often do, having a genuine interest in good conversation. (Or I ramble on, depends how you look at it.)

My favorite Breakfast

No surprise, we get up very early. I am usually up at 4:30 or 5:00am and I get a cup of tea into me before anyone else gets up. It may be my very favorite time of the whole day. Especially in the summer, as I wrap myself in a blanket, and go out on the deck and watch the farm wake up. Pure bliss.

I will try to squeeze in a post to social media here, respond to messages and check emails. I try not to get bogged down by this as I schedule a little more time in the afternoon for business growth.

Good morning

I am an avid meal planner amd swear it makes our day go so much smoother. So I tidy up and declutter inside after the quiet time, look at the supper menu, and prep what’s needed. I also put any eggs ordered out for customers on our cooler.

Chore time follows between 6:30 and 7:00am. Trevor leaves for work at 6:30am for his day job so he escapes chores. Chickens and ducks get let out into their run, fed and watered, and bedding in their nest boxes changed (whole coop gets deep cleaned every 1-2 weeks).

Sharing breakfast

Next up is sheep, Willow and Buddy, because they are usually baa-ing their heads off by now having spotted me. They get a little grain, lots of hay and fresh water.

Charlize looks after the horses, feed, hay & water, and moves them from the paddock to the big exercise ring. She mucks out their stalls but usually that gets done after school. Luke looks after the rabbits. And I double check them after as I find he is sometimes easily distracted by breakfast.

Kali, Appaloosa and Pyper, quarter horse

We eat breakfast together after chores, usually eggs and fruit of some sort. On weekends, this usually includes bacon, sausage or pancakes.

I drive the kids to school, and because we store our hay off farm, I usually go grab that or any feed we need then. I listen to a podcast or two on the drive, and there are so many good ones to inspire. I will have to do a whole other blog post


During April to October, we have pigs at our second location about 30 minutes away. Also meat chickens, and turkeys which we brood here (keep them under heat lamps until they feather out) then they move to “tractors” in the pasture. The tractors get moved every other day to new ground by attaching them to the truck and hauling them.

After I do chores at both locations, I head to my off farm job with my Mom at Roseway River Cottages. I usually do that depending on our bookings. Working in the tourist industry this year has been unusual to say the least! Luckily we have still been pretty steady.

Roseway River has gorgeous views

If I am not working off farm, I am certainly working here: tidying, cleaning coops, tending to the garden, looking after food storage, and working on future plans for the farm, and reaching out to customers.

After work, I pick up the children from the various locations, check in with my older children if I haven’t heard from them already, head home for supper, wash the dishes and night chores.

A cup of tea after supper, check messages quickly and then usually I head outside to do a few things and enjoy the animals. Charlize rides after supper usually, so I will spend some time with the other horses or clean stalls. Also if any kids or 4hers are visiting, I will spend some time with them. I often hand them a stall fork so we can work and talk, heh heh…not my first rodeo.

Some visiting farm hands

Back inside, I may card wool for dryer balls, read, cook or watch a show. I am currently watching Shetland but it depends on if the teenagers grace me with their presence, I will spend some time with them. During harvest season, I am up canning and preserving till all hours. Then my kids get take out food, which is ironic.

Canning sometimes makes a disaster of the kitchen

A cup of herbal tea and I usually head to bed around 10:30 after checking our schedules for the next day, making sure all the dogs and cats are in, and reminding anyone of anything special going on for the next day.

I am good and tired usually by then, and I say a menopausal prayer and god willing, I sleep all night usually needing only six solid hours of sleep before I get up and do it all again.

I try to squeeze every bit of life out of my days here at YBRF. Thanks for tagging along,

Love Jenn xx

Good night !
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