I was on a Podcast !!

I was super excited to have this adventure of being a guest on a podcast. I am a podcast junkie ! I listen to them on various topics, such as farming (duh), homesteading, finance (hello Dave Ramsey), everything rural, and inspiration/motivation.

How did i happen to be on a podcast? Well, it was definitely a surprise to me as well when the producers of the podcast called Connected to the Land sponsored by Peavey Mart, reached out after finding our website online. They wanted to know more about farming on Cape Sable Island and what I meant by “Living with more intention “ on my website. Dave , the show’s producer wanted to know “Did I want to chat ? “

Ian and I Skyped while my dog Daisy barked at the guys working on our roof. She has her own segment.

Anyone who knows me, is going to know what I said with unequivocally no hesitation. Talking with someone about something I am passionate about is something I could do all day. Of course I said yes! and lucky for them we only had an hour.

We really winged it. I could have asked for the questions he was going to ask me, but where’s the fun in that ? A chat about farming, teenagers, and Covid chickens just happened naturally.

I received so many questions about Chickens during Covid.

Ian Sherwood, the host and fellow East-coast-er, and I set a time and then Skyped. Ian is passionate about finding more ways to be connected to the land, especially living in the city. I love the podcast is helping people find new ways to connect with not only the land, but themselves in the process. They have had such great guests, such as Rich Francis. That was a great episode.

I really thought it was a great experience . I was worried I was going to interrupt Ian (I do this when I am excited about an idea, a horrible habit I know ). But I didn’t. It spawned a whole bunch of new ideas to explore and work on, as well. Stay tuned !

A gift from my Sister in Law for all my ramblings , otherwise known as great ideas (sometimes 😉

I hope you settle in and enjoy the podcast. The website for Connected to the Land is lovely too. You can listen without a subscription here.

Leave a rating and review if you feel compelled. It helps spread the word about the podcast around.

Love, Jenn xx

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