My First Time : Homemade Beeswax Food Wraps

Already for gift giving to the people I REALLY love (because secretly I want to keep them all !)

Day 7 of the 50 Days of Festiveness on the Farm (or 50 DOFOTF?? No, doesn’t really roll off the tongue does it 🤔):

Learn something new.

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Last week, my main beekeeper (okay, my only beekeeper) taught us all to make beeswax food wraps at our Homemade Gifts from the Farm night I am hosting every Wednesday.

Meghan Pond, beekeeper, owns Cape Island Apiary.

Ditch the Saran Wrap, it’s got nothing on these. And…. It was a lot of fun ! And honestly how pretty are they all done up for gift giving ? Pretty enough to keep really🤣but I’m going to be selfless and give them to people I REALLY love.

I’ve put together the video demonstrating how to make these on our You Tube Channel .

Ingredients you need to make quite a few of these is :

1 cup of beeswax (we sourced ours locally from Cape Island Apiaries and I encourage you to look locally as well )

1/2 cup pine resin (Amazon )

2 Tbsps of JoJoba oil (DTC Natural Store or your local health food store) BTW – the pronounciation of this on the YouTube video ….hilarious !!!)

We quadrupled the recipe to accommodate the crowd

Start sourcing those ingredients and if you can’t be here on the farm with us, then YouTube is the next best thing . You also need to have :

  • Parchment paper
  • Painters tape
  • Iron
  • Pinking shears
  • Paintbrush
  • Mason jar
  • Towel or craft mat
  • 100% cotton material cut into various shapes and sizes (I used 12×12 inches , 8x 8inches approximately )

Put towel or craft mat on table and layer parchment paper on till covered . Tape in place. Plug iron in to preheat .

Put beeswax, resin, and jojoba oil in a mason jar. Put jar In a pot of water on stove ( we put enough water to reach halfway up jar) and heat until melted. Put a piece of material( wrap) on the parchment . Use oven gloves to remove jar and working quickly, paint the wrap with the mixture until saturated. Layer a piece of parchment on top and press hot iron on parchment until all the mixture is evenly distributed and the wrap is saturated. Try to avoid clumps at the edges.

Hang wrap to dry for a few seconds. Then it’s done. So easy !

If they get too saturated, layer another wrap on to absorb some of the mixture

These should be washed lightly with soap and can be refreshed on low in the oven for 30 seconds on a cookie sheet if you find they are losing their ability to wrap.

Homemade is best, new skills rock , and you will never convince me giving beautiful, useful gifts is wrong. If I can do it , you can too.

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