Best Christmas Cookie Tin Recipes : Part 1 of 3 Series

Festive and fun, these cookies get everyone’s attention. I want to be like this cookie #lifegoals.

Cookies are my jam. For the last decade, I always host a cookie baking party at my house in December. My close friends and family come with all the kids, we all chip in with some ingredients (I assign a list) and we get some beautiful things baked for gift giving. Or eating. No judgement here. My kids sneak out to the freezer more than once in December to put their hand literally in the cookie jar.

Organized chaos reins, everyone chips in and there are plenty of smiles (And taste testing. And at least three meltdowns. One of which is always an adult.)

Here are my tried and true favorite cookies for gift giving. They are a wonderful mix of textures, flavors and colors that make a glorious tin of homemade decadence can be made ahead, froze and thawed out just before gifting.

1. My most requested (everyone’s favorites) :

Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread (click on text for recipe )

These are everyone’s favorites, and my most requested cookie.

2. The Surprise (My Husbands favorites) :

Almond Snowballs (click on text for recipe )

3. The Easiest Crowd Pleaser (my Besties favorites ) :

Gingerbread White Chocolate (click on text for recipe )

Second from the top are the Gingerbread White Chocolate . You can get roughly 50 -60 cookies from a sheet pan of these. This was 5 years ago we did this tray. The bottom are sugar cookies with melted jolly ranchers.

4. The Showstopper (my MIL favorites ):

Chocomint Blossoms (click on text for recipe )

These little boxes from Pampered Chef make great gift boxes for the cookies. Since these are my Mother in Law’s favorites she gets a whole box to herself.

5. Best for Decorating ( Kids’ Favorite):

Sugar Cookies (click on text for recipe )

We decorated these ones up to look like Christmas lights last year using chocolate M&Ms and icing piped on top.

The ones listed are our favorites for making in bulk, cost effective and hold up well when frozen. I freeze them between rounds of parchment paper right in the tins I’m gifting them in. We make it a habit to only try one or two new ones every year so we don’t lose the rhythm of our bake -athon. We also make bars, candy and treats to tuck in the tins. I will be posting those later.

Another decorating idea for the sugar cookies. This was a tray we put together 4 years ago at our cookie baking day.

Although I am unable to host this year due to pandemic restrictions on gatherings, I have started making all my tins to deliver to my people .

Next year, we will be back. And more grateful than ever for our health, family and our traditions.

And maybe 10 lbs heavier if we don’t get all these cookies delivered!


Jenn XX

PS Next part in this series of Christmas Cookie Tins will be sweet bars, followed by Christmas candy. Bring on the stretchy pants (but they are gonna love you for it!)

Sugar cookies, chewy chocolate gingerbread, and Christmas Puppy Chow (recipe for this to follow in the next part of this series)

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