5 Last Minute Gifts For The Homesteader/Farmer In Your Life (NO Gift Cards or Baking !)

Okay, so if I am running around and realized I missed someone or if I am just starting my shopping (for the love of God, Christmas comes the same time every year people, but I see you typeB personalities and love you anyway ), here are my quick go to for quality, no-gift- card gifts:

1. Cast Iron Frying Pan – No one has enough. (Locally Dans Bargain Center, Home Hardware Shelburne ) if you are adding something else to this add a nice quality salt. It’s used for cleaning the pans and seasoning.

2. Wool Socks (or mittens or gloves )- (locally Barrington Museum Complex and Uncle Sids) there is no one who shouldn’t have a pair who work outside or like being outside. I even wear mine in the summer in my boots to keep my feet cool and prevent skin breakdown.

3. Quality Bird feeder, bird book, and bird seed- (locally bird feeders and seed are available at Wilson’s, bird books at Dans Bargain Center) its a fun pastime and becomes addictive.

4. Dehydrator – These are great for drying your own herbs, fruit, jerky etc. Pair with seasonings. (Local hardware stores). Mine was $40.

5. Weather station ($$$$), weather vane or outdoor Thermometer ($) – we need ‘em and there are some nice simple ones or really nice pretty ones. (Marine stores , Vernon Deon’s or Spartan for stations , Spencer’s has beautiful brass weather vanes , Home Hardware has 19.99 simple black ones. )

Weather matters.

Bonus : when you visit the marine store, pick up some rope knives. They are amazing for around the farm/ homestead and we keep one in the truck always.

Anyway, may the force be with you if you are out and about.

Be kind and Merry Christmas !

Jenn xx

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