3 Ingredient Simple Gift Idea: Mint-Lavender Milk Bath

I am Team Bath all the way

Who doesn’t love a warm, relaxing bath? I find it unfathomable that some people actually don’t, but Team Bath will really enjoy these easy, 3 ingredient milk sachets to provide aromatherapy and luxurious nourishment for the skin during the dry winter months. I use a milk bath year round for my aching farm muscles but I especially need the extra moisturizing power of a milk bath for my dry skin in the winter.

With just three natural ingredients, they are easy to put together and package.

This makes ten 1/2 cup bags.

Instant milk powder 1 kg bag( You can dehydrate raw milk if you have it, but I prefer to use packaged milk powder for ease and availability)

Lavender Essential Oils (I used DoTerra )

Dried Mint (From my garden)

This table smells amazing!!!

Open the bag of milk powder and add 20 drops of essential oil. Close and shake vigorously.

Pour into a bowl and using your fingers, crumple the dried mint into the milk and lavender mixture. Please keep in mind the mint will be floating in the bath water and will be going down the drain so the more you add the more the recipient will have to clean. Just sayin’.

Measure out 1/2 cup of mixture, and place on Saran Wrap (its what I had on hand from wrapping meat) or small plastic bag. Wrap tightly and place in a square of material or in small cotton bags. Tie with raffia or ribbon, and label with instructions on tags. I got these perfect sized little mason jar tags at the dollar store.

“Mint-Lavender Milk Bath/ Dissolve 1/2 pkg in warm bath/Enjoy!”

I love giving homemade gifts with a little touch from the farm to the people I love. These make great gifts for teachers!

Love Jenn xx

This is a great use for all that beautiful mint.
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