Rethinking Rich

If I had to put a status on my relationship with money it would be “it’s complicated .” But not “real” wealth. That’s actual very simple.
Rich in spirit means you are living most of your days with meaningful purpose. And for me that includes a grounding faith. It all jives. Check.
Rich physically means you enjoy good health most of the time. You know what it takes to maintain a healthy body and eat whole foods 80% of the time, and eat animal fats. You get lots of natural sunlight without using chemically laden sunscreen. You move your body. ALOT. You sleep and feel rested. Check.
Rich in mind means you challenge yourself to think critically and creatively. You surround yourself with positive peeps and thinkers, not talk about-ers. You are looking after the things that need looking after, and giving personal challenges the first aid and attention they need before they become level one traumas. Check.
As a child and young adult, being wealthy looked very, very different to me. Scrooge McDuck rich was my baseline.
But I had history and genealogy. I knew who I was. I had grandparents and elders who passed on stories, skills, pictures and legacies. When you know who you are it’s easier to find your way to your own path. You want to follow in their footsteps, take the good parts (and there are always good parts) and to never repeat the mistakes of the generations before you. They sometimes can be all you see. But work through that.
We had freedom to grow, hunt and gather our own food, and sell the excess on our own land that was in our family for centuries. Can you imagine the price tag if you had to guess one ?
I’ve learned I actually don’t need very much actual currency to be wealthy.
Time is money, goes the saying. But it’s not the way we think. It’s the opposite of hustle culture. Control of our time is the end goal, not the money.
How can I live on less so I have more ownership of my time to produce real wealth versus how much more time and energy do I have to expend to earn more income to consume ?
It’s a much simpler equation than we’ve been taught to believe
Huh…who’d have thunk it ?

Love Jenn xx

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