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Frugal Friday Focus-Castile Soap

I use a 16.00 bottle of Castile soap every three months. It originated in Castile, Spain and has been used there since the 12th century they believe. It’s made from natural oils and pure ingredients and what I truly, truly love about it is the versatility. I use it diluted for hand soap, dish soap, washing animal buckets and floor cleaner. It’s got over twenty uses. I just recently found out I could make my own deodorant from it too. I’m going to try it.

It won’t foam up like normal dish soap for me because we have hard water but I got over that a long time ago. That’s just less chemicals to sit on our clean dishes for us to eat off of. Fact: Those chemicals disrupt hormones.

It’s economical. It is something I can stock a few of at a time in my back up pantry.

I can get it locally (I get mine at DTC Natural ) or online and I’ve even seen it at Winners.

So $16 gets me all our hand soap, dish soap, floor cleaner and more for three months.

Total savings is approximately $112. That’s saving over $450 a year from literally going down our drains.

Part of not being paralyzed with fear is concentrating on the things you can do. Little things. Because doing little things creates momentum.

And we will keep peddling.

Love, Jenn xx


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