Merry Christmas and Thank You for Supporting Our Small Farm

Day 49
50 Days of Festiveness on the Farm
As I was preparing a year in review album earlier this morning, I can’t believe how much we have grown this year. And I can’t thank you all enough for being here with us.
We literally keep going because you choose to support a too many generations to count woman farmer and her family-run, small farm and homestead on the very southwest tip of Nova Scotia. Trust me when I say, we are the agricultural underdog ! But here we are, and as I always say “We never let what we don’t have hold us back.”
Our small farm has two (soon to be three) locations, and has produced food/courses/experiences for over 150 families and customers this year. We couldn’t do it alone.
So to everyone who shows up, likes, shares, follows, purchases, supports, learns, and cheers us on-from all of us at Yellow Brick Road Farm to all of you, Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Love Jenn xx

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