Simply Surviving September

I believe strongly some months are just “get through” months. A string of hard and no so hard days that add up to an exhausted mom who seeks refuge in the simplest of pleasures. Fall leaves, baby cuddles, cozy wraps on the back porch with a tea, hearing the seals on my canning jars snap shut: these things make my September bearable. I would ask you to raise your hand if you hear me but that would be cruel :you’re tired, right?? Just give me a nod. Doesn’t even have to be a strong nod.

Comfort food : all from the farm

The kids are heading back to school, and a whole new set of schedules will pop up for us all. I think we should ban all meetings and no new activities should be started till October. September :the ease back month…..I’m getting bumper stickers made.

I will be posting my supper menu every Monday in a blog post starting next week. The goal is not necessarily nutrition lol (I am not a dietician) but rather wholesome, simple eating for families easing into school and schedules again. Amen. I would love for you to give me some more inspiration as well by posting your meal ideas. The more the merrier. (Nothing with eggplant though, that is one disliked veggie in this house.)

Farm Update

The pigs are finished up and in the freezer. It’s a good feeling to be pork rich. We will eat all winter off the meat, our biggest one dressed out to 175 pounds. This was cut by our great butcher Trevor Perry of Forest Hill Farms. Then we take the hams and bacon to be smoked at Emins Meat Market in Yarmouth. When I picked it up, it was like winning the bacon lottery. I always miss caring for the pigs when they are gone and I would be a horrible farmer and inhuman if I didn’t. It’s the balance we have to strive for when raising our own food: knowing we gave them a good life and they have only one bad day. My husband says no more pigs ( there may have been an escapee a time or two ) but we all know as farm manager, I will have pigs. Definitely heritage breeds again, even though they take a little longer to finish.

Pork shoulder roast, which will become BBQ pulled pork tomorrow

The last batch of meat hens are in the brooder, pet silkies are scratching around, Broad Breasted white Turkeys are growing so well and greet me happily every morning, sheep have been sheared and wool gone to be cleaned, carded and turned into roving, horses are still barrel racing and happy to be home after exhibition, and the ducks are LOVING the pond being full again after all the rain.

Purely therapeutic chickens-partridge colored silkies

Garden Update

It actually has finished up being quite a nice garden this year despite a late start. Never give up, garden peeps !

Harvesting all the goodies and hoping to God my freezers don’t go out. I try to can all I can but sometimes all you can do is just throw some produce right in the freezer if everything is ready at once.

Next year, I am determined to label things better too. I always have a list of things I’m going to do better or different next year…..some are doable and some….well, I have obviously had too much caffeine.

We are barrel racing this weekend in Caledonia with the WSBRC and having a sleepover at Ponhook with my bestie. Looking forward to a girlie chat on the deck and a cup of tea.

Like I said earlier, simple pleasures get you through….I hope you have time for yours this weekend as well.

Love Jenn xx

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