September Suppers Week one

Okay so it’s September 3rd and so begins my commitment to publish my supper menus for the month. I regularly do my menus up and once you get in the habit you will not want to go back. It’s chaos when you miss a week of writing it down and that is enough a reminder. You don’t need to be knocked over the head twice, right? Well I will admit to actually being whacked a few times but I always get back on track quickly 🙂

Hodge Podge and Bacon Sandwiches

Boiled garden veggies, drained slightly then served with cream and butter. A Nova Scotian thing but amazing.

Before I added the other vegetables to cook , I had removed about half of the potatoes to cool and refrigerate for Thursday’s supper.

Bacon sandwiches are made with homemade bread but if it’s the monday-est of Monday’s, store bought it is. No guilt please. It has no place with this momma.

Chicken Ranch Fettuccini

Mix one can cream of chicken soup, with 1/2 cup milk , and 1/4 ranch dressing. Whisk till smooth add 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese. Toss with cooked noodles and bring to a simmer for a few minutes . I serve with chopped fresh tomatoes on top.

Quick and easy.

Wednesday is Leftovers , fend for yourself, on your own ….whatever you call it, we all need to clean out the fridge to prevent food waste and give mommas a little break mid week.

Pulled pork and hash browns

I had already used a leftover pork roast, added bbq sauce and froze it for this very reason. So I will just haul it out to thaw.

I had leftover potatoes from Monday’s meal prep so I melted butter and a little olive oil in a frying pan and then fried till brown and crispy. This is my favorite childhood meal : hash browns from my grandmothers fridge. She always had some ready to go.

I serve green beans with this as well.

Homemade pizza

I make crusts in bulk and freeze the dough in individual bags so all I need to do is haul the dough out Friday morning .

I make Greek pizza or vegetarian or chicken bbq for us and I always make one cheese pizza for the kiddos to munch on as leftovers for lunch. I serve with sliced carrots and cucumbers on the side.

Take turkey out to thaw in fridge for Sunday.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Saturday’s are a catch up day and can be lazy or packed full . With the homestead there is always a project on the go.

Chores wait for no woman

Roast Turkey and the fixings

Sunday’s call for a bigger family meal and I need leftovers to work with for the following week

We grow our own turkeys and I let none of it go to waste so after we are done, I will pick the bones, keep some meat aside for Monday’s meal, freeze the rest and throw the bones in the slow cooker (cover with water, add salt and pepper, 1 onion, 2 carrots, and a bay leaf ) for 8 hours overnight. Strain and refrigerate.

Your Monday soup base is done.

Roasted Beets and carrots round out the meal.

I hope you found this useful and leave me comments on your menus. We all need inspiration sometimes. We don’t want meal times to get stale, they really are our chance to connect for the day.

And we need to eat, so we should eat well 🙂

Happy September,

Love Jenn xx

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