For the love of ….winter ??

I can’t help it. I DO love winter. Not all of it (hello, wet gloves and cold fingers ?) but most of it.

Feeding the animals after a crisp snow, leads to such a feeling of gratefulness, it sometimes takes my breath away.

It is just such a period of rest for everything here on the Farm. We have really pared back our schedules to the bare basics this winter, I’ve changed jobs where I have more flexibility, creativity and less stress working with my Mom at Roseway River Cottages (my office view below!).Luke has chosen one sport, soccer, which has a less demanding schedule than hockey ( hockey pretends to be necessary -and that is all the wisdom I have after 20 years of being in rinks).

We have really worked hard on all our extras becoming “less” which actually has made our lives “more”. More time together, more spur of the moment adventures, more room for creativity.

I give it five stars.

Chickens sometimes get bored cooped up in their coop in winter (no matter how many chandeliers I put in it 🙄spoiled! ) so mirrors, a full head of cabbage, some straw, and yes an xylophone or two (they are getting quite good), help alleviate them pecking at each other.

Lessons I have learned worked well with kids during the winter as well;)

Although they dislike the head of cabbage being thrown at them.

Farm Update

We are down to bare basics for the winter: layers, sheep,horses ducks and rabbits.

We will have loads of babies in the spring, God willing.

A muddy spring last year made me determined that this year would be different so renovations have started with :

Get ready for it …A trench !

Yeah , it’s not pretty but when it’s done it will mean a full pond all the time and less water in the farmyard.

A new horse shelter, a perimeter fence, a dedicated riding space, and lambing stalls are the spring projects in the works. Thank God for family ! They have been invaluable.

We are expanding the farm as well to use some family pasture about 30 minutes away. I am doing trials there to see what works and what doesn’t. Stay tuned!

Garden Update

I want all the seed things, but I gave Owen a catalogue and he picked them all for me, so I’m blaming him .

Shallots, leeks and onions have been started and other seed orders are rolling in .

It is my goal to grow at least half our food and preserve it for the winter.

I have had a ton of fun this winter as well hosting some “Edible Gardening for Beginners ” course. We all leave the course excited about the garden fellowship that happens, the possibilities of what will come, and it’s nice to see people excited about learning. I am not a garden expert however after having a vegetable garden for literally my whole life, I want to help others who want to get started, just like so many people helped me.

Here’s a valentines kiss from Fred and I.

Enjoy the rest of winter. Enjoy every dark night wrapped in a blanket reading, every crisp snowy morning, every hot chocolate, and every skate or ski.

I’ve got a tea and a seed catalogue calling my name.


Jenn xx

5 thoughts on “For the love of ….winter ??

  1. Candace Selena Malone February 14, 2020 — 2:23 am

    A tea and a seed catalogue sounds like the perfect evening to me. That is exactly how I like to spend my evenings.

    1. Right ?! Nothing better

  2. So glad you are comfortable with winter. admittedly, i cannot stand the cold, wet, wind, mud, freezing, darkness. Cabin fever is real! I have found, too, that a lot of your photos aren’t showing on my computer. Not sure what the issue is.

    1. Hmmm sometimes I giggle when writing between my phone and desktop but I always try to double check all things on both before I post. I’ll look into though ….next one is coming soon 🙂 thanks for reading !

      1. Oh my dear , that was supposed to be toggle not giggle !

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