Bloom Where You Are Planted

Anyone else feel like this has been the longest year ? AND IT’S MARCH!

It’ll be okay. We got this. Us Canadians are made of iron souls and compassionate hearts. We also can BE the good in bad situations, so let’s go, let’s bloom !

Chickens are the ultimate in self sufficiency…never worry about food again.

Some Self Sufficiency

We have been cutting back for a while now as we prepared for me to take a pay cut leaving my full time job in health care , to work part time with my Mom at her Vacation Cottages and farm more with my Dad. It’s taken some hard decisions, and really looking at what is important to spend our money on, what can be made at home for less, and also what can just be cut out. (I’ll give you a heads up : chickens made the cut. Trevor didn’t stand a chance.)

My office, #sorrynotsorry

One way to cut corners financially is to make a lot more things at home. It’s a double edged sword . You have to have the time to make the things that save you money but how can you have the time if you need to work to make the money ? Every family situation is different, but I knew we would be ok. Once we made the choice, it all fell into place and we will continue to budget ( we use Dave Ramsey tools ) and work at this because it’s the path we are meant to be on. It feels right in our souls.

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I love this recipe for a number of reasons. ~easy:just boil 1/3 the water, add borax, washing soda, soap flakes or liquid.Stir. Add the other 2/3 water, stir and Done;
~economical:I get 5 x +more laundry soap than if I spent the same amount on store bought laundry soap ( it’s roughly 5 cents a load )
~low environmental impact: no single use plastic jugs being generated;
~natural: I can pronounce every ingredient and know what is in it;
~self sufficiency: I can do it myself. I don’t have to rely on the store to have it .

Laundry is always there for you, am I right?! We have been trying to reduce washing clothes after one wear etc
But based on the amount of laundry we have here, we are like a meme “obviously there are people living here I haven’t met yet !” .

I have no regrets over the choice to leave my career of 13 plus years. I needed this change and my family needed this change. My co workers and the residents were such a big part of my life for so long. My hearts are with them during this crisis as I know they are working very hard to keep our elderly safe.

Patsy and I on on of my recent visits to see old friends

I will be doing a series of videos over the next weeks : to help you start a vegetable garden, baby lambs (hopefully soon!), tours of the farm projects, tours of the farm expansion (probably some of my father swearing ) and some other useful ( or not so useful? But oh so entertaining ) skills we can use during this time home. We are in this together and one thing I know for sure, we have to make sure we have the things to support our family right here: Either in our house, back yard, or close to it.

Stay safe my friends,

Love Jenn XX

Pregnant Willow, our Cotswold taking her full 155 days to lamb

1 thought on “Bloom Where You Are Planted

  1. Can’t wait for the new baby….although she is holding on a long time ….or maybe we are just anxious 🐏🐏🐏

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