For The Love of All The Seeds

Man, is it ever hard to look at a seed catalogue and say no.

My Brain: ” No, I don’t really need to grow that.”

My Gardener’s Heart :”But I could grow it, right ? If I wanted to. I really should try. I mean what if it’s amazing?”

My Brain: ” But why would you? Neither you or your family doesn’t even like Brussel sprouts.”

My Gardener’s Heart: “But look at beautiful they are. And maybe we don’t like them because we haven’t grown them ourselves. Remember beets??”

My Brain: “We have more seeds than space right now. We do not need to waste resources on something we don’t eat.”

My Gardeners Heart: “Just one package to try. Well, actually if we are going to try them we may as well get one of each variety. Oh and you know what pairs well with Brussel sprouts? Dill, lettuce, radishes, sage, spinach, and turnips-better get an extra package of each of those too. Oh and better grab some more marigolds, and calendulas to deter pests.”


My Gardener’s Heart: “Don’t be so negative. Our Order has shipped.”

Sound familiar?

Then you are my people. Seriously, I do try to keep it realistic to grow food I know we are going to eat. But in the dark days of January, seed catalogues are like garden porn.

Here’s my list so far of seeds and varieties which have worked for us in Zone 6b, the very southwest tip of Nova Scotia:

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