*FREE Yellow Brick Road Farm Holiday Planner 2022 Printable

To help celebrate another year with intention, I give you my infamous Christmas Binder, which I have now rechristened Holiday Planner 2022.

But I will still be putting this gem in a binder. It just works for me.

I always use a holiday planner in a binder to help keep myself between the rails and out of the ditches during the holiday season. I have heard from many of you who have used my planner in the past it has helped you as well. And I am so glad.

Please feel free to use this as a jumping off point for whatever you want your holidays to look like.

The point is : to just celebrate with intention. The holidays (or family for that matter!) very rarely can be controlled. Nor would we want to control them. So often, they can be imperfectly perfect. But we can take comfort knowing we have done our very best to keep life simple during the holidays for our families.

My gift to you .

Jenn xx

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