Yellow Brick Road Farm Spring Planting Guide Zone 6A/6B

As we are coming out of a cold snap, I am in high garden mode. It’s a defence mechanism, I am sure.

We have experienced our mildest winter to date, with this little exception so I suspect we are definitely going to be adjusting our spring planting.

There is always so much guesswork when it comes to planting in our little corner of the world. I developed this years ago as a reminder to myself but also after answering so many backyard garden questions. We live in extreme circumstances here on our little island: high winds, rocky bedrock, damp and moist conditions. This list below is what I know grows well for us and what we like after over twenty years of raising most of our own food.

I garden more by instinct than anything after being raised by gardeners, and farmers, but there are so many interesting things to grow in this world, I fret I will not get to them all before I am ninety.

My grandfather always said we never should plant frost sensitive plants before the last full moon in May.

What I am noticing is that keeps getting earlier, May 5, 2023, while the frost and cold doesn’t actually seem to let up until early June here now. I hate to say it, but some of these old sayings aren’t going to survive our changing climate.

The good news is we can grow so much undercover now: cold frames, frost blankets, small season extenders, greenhouses ……the possibilities are quite lovely look at and versatile for any budget too.

If there is something you grow and it does well here, add it to your list.

And of course, we should always expand our horizons and grow something new every year. I make no secret about my two disliked vegetables: radishes and kale. I grow them for my livestock though. I was determined last year to try to grow and like brussel sprouts but my hoop house took flight in a hurricane, and the chickens came in and devoured the plants.

Tragic or a sign??

We shall see.

Love Jenn xx

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