Seaweed, Wool and Alders: Using What You Have In The Garden

Use what you have.

All too often we are “sourcing” things from all over the planet (I am no different holding my iPhone as I write this.)

But when it comes to my garden, I like to peel back the layers to the fact it’s seeds, topsoil, rain and sunshine that grows us the best food.

Always has been and always will be.

We can get our fancy trays, and grow lights out but in the end we rely a lot on the basics. And a lot of hard work.

Maybe we are just looking for easier.

However I don’t think it gets any easier than using what you have access to.

Putting vegetables up for the winter? I have access to a lot of sawdust. Layer damp sawdust in a tote and then layer in beets, carrots, and turnip. Perfect till March.

Planting peas? Use alder trees from clearing land for support.

Having a slug invasion ? We use spent wool from our sheep as a mulch along the border. Slugs hate it.

Weed control for the garden? We are on an island and we use eelgrass and seaweed.

It has numerous benefits, is considered a weed, is sustainable, and releases nutrients over time. Old timers have used it for centuries here while growing food.

I can remember going with grampie every spring to get it. Now I take my grandkids.

Love Jenn xx

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