Making Garlic Powder

Garlic powder in just 6 short months. Ha seems like a little too long ! But stay with me.

I love to use fresh garlic and plant about 150-180 cloves to get us through the year. We plant hard neck varieties of garlic in November, soft neck varieties in April, mulch with straw and brush and harvest in late July. I then hang them to dry in our barn for a few months.

They store beautifully. However, some bulbs especially soft neck garlic start going soft or sprouting. I try to stay ahead of this potential waste by dehydrating the cloves. I dehydrated about 5 cups of minced garlic in our Cabellas six tray dehydrator at 130 degrees for about 6 hours. Every dehydrator is different so go till crispy dry.

Ready to go in the herb grinder
All ground and ready for the shelf

This yielded me 2 cups of garlic powder. That’s Enough to last our family and make our master recipes for ranch dressing/dip, taco and bbq seasonings, Recipe here and our chicken rub.
It keeps on the shelf for at least a year but never lasts that long.
(I know it’s tempting to be like “meh -garlic powder is $3at Walmart”, and sometimes I have had to do that.
But if you get the opportunity, homegrown garlic powder is definitely worth the time for the taste and knowledge of knowing where it came from.
Look at my face and my love for garlic-would I lie to you ??)

Love Jenn xx

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