Farm Scramble

Farm Scramble or Cowboy scramble,is what my Grammie used to make with everything in the fridge, when me and my cousins would roll up on our bicycles hungry from playing outside.

Having 6 kids, and 15 grandchildren meant Gram knew how to stretch a meal. Nothing went to waste. Scraps of tinfoil were saved, bags washed out and reused and never was a good jar put in the trash.

To make a farm scramble, root around in your fridge and see what bits you have.


In a heavy cast iron pan , melt a little bit of bacon fat

Fry onions, red pepper, left over lamb sausage and day old potatoes, diced and cubed.

A little of this left, a little of that left, a few potatoes from supper, a mushroom about to be on its last legs, some forgotten herbs, a tiny bit of pork roast leftovers, a small wedge of cheese……

Add some eggs, and suddenly you are feeding your people a nourishing meal that hardly feels skimpy or lacking. Add a heel of crusty sourdough slathered with fresh butter and you wonder how anyone could think this was food waste.

Scramble eggs and season with salt and pepper. Turn frequently until cooked through. Turn off heat.

Add small chunks of leftover cheese, my favourite is old white cheddar cheese, and prepare toast while they melt.

Serve with love and a hug ❤️

Jenn xx

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