Let’s go to the garden !

Let’s go to the garden !

This side was tilled. I’m doing a little experiment on the yields on potatoes of dig and no dig methods of growing.

We’ve been eating out of the cold frame all winter so it’s amazing to now have the garden all planted up and producing for us to eat fresh and also plan for fall and winter storage. We are in zone 6b on the very southwest tip of Nova Scotia. It can be hard sometimes on a cold, windy, damp island to get certain crops to survive.

But on we go. We do pretty well. My advice : look after your soil and just keep planting. Something will stick.

Tea and books in the garden with my grandson-the best! This is the no till side.

This year here’s what is growing :

garlic ( 4 varieties )

Giant garlic stalks . I was worried as it was a dry spring.

Peas ((Sabre, homesteader, sugarsnap, purple king tut)


Onions (red, yellow storage, welsh bunching )

Asparagus (perennial)

May harvest

Beets (Detroit red, golden, chioggia)

Carrots (rainbow, Nantes, bolero, short and sweet)

Early carrots from the cold frame

Potatoes (fingerling, Norland, Yukon , russet)






Beans (fava, gold rush, Lewis, jade, dragons tongue)

Cherry Tomatoes (Acadia, purple bumblebee, yellow pear)

Tomatoes (Scotia, Manitoba, buckeye, Amish, Italian, San marzano, black beauty , lemon boy )

Yellow pear cherry tomato

Sweet Peppers (purple, California wonder)

Hot pepper (jalepeno)

Basil ( leaf)









Summer Squash (golden, yellow, zucchini )

Winter Squash (blue Hubbard, acorn, futsi, buttercup)

Cucumbers (marketmore, straighteight)

Sweet peas

Broccoli Rabi

Cabbage (Copenhagen, red , savoy)

Turnips (Tokyo, purple prince, golden ball)

Purple prince with some nematode or ant damage but absolutely salvageable and delicious.


Parsnip (Harris)

Corn (experimental )

Sweet Potato (experimental)



Apples, Pears, Quince


Cold frame :

1st planting :lettuce, spinach, kale , carrots

2nd planting :Cantelope

Spinach almost done and ready to bolt

3rd planting : transplants sown in august from greenhouse

Green house :

Tomatoes , and peppers

Second planting :

Fall starts of lettuce, spinach and kale, carrots, parsnips and cabbage

Despite all the trials, I find it helpful to remind myself there is no “plan b. “ The garden is work. If something doesn’t grow well and we do love it, we will buy from another farmer but this is a last resort.

We just keep planting.

Love Jenn xx

1 thought on “Let’s go to the garden !

  1. Such a lovely garden and harvest!

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