How To Make A Borage Tincture

We also dry the flowers for tea. It’s been shown to reduce inflammation.

Make this easy tincture to aid in the healing of cuts, scratches, etc. We love having this in our home first aid kit.

Borage Tincture

Mason jar
Enough dried borage flowers to fill jar 3/4 of the way
80 proof Vodka (enough to cover flowers)

1.Pick enough borage flowers to fill mason jar 3/4 of the way up when packed in, not too tight or too loose.

  1. Let flowers dry for a few days on a rack or put in the dehydrator on low till dry.
  2. Fill mason jar of choice with flowers, and cover with vodka.
  3. Put lid on jar and let set for 4 to 6 weeks.
  4. Strain flowers out and store tincture in a cool, dark spot.
    To use, dip a cotton ball or cloth in the tincture and apply lightly as an antiseptic to cuts, abrasions, scratches etc.

Borage boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can help promote wound healing and repair your skin’s natural barrier.

We use borage for so much but this is one of my favorite ways to use this wonderful plant.

Love Jenn xx

I include this pollinator all the around the garden. It self seeds so I transplant into a border. We also eat the leaves.
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