Making Tomato Skin Powder

Let’s chat about dehydrating tomato skins for tomato paste powder.
It’s a great way to use something people generally throw away when canning tomatoes.
Why ? Let me share my ways:)
🍅Just a tablespoon of powder added directly into the pot creates so much depth in soups and stews.
🍅We also smear it on our beef bones before roasting bones for bone broth. Just deliciousness.
🍅It can be used to make your own tomato paste. Especially handy when you only need a tablespoon or so.
🍅It is making the most of your food/ garden budget because you are stretching your food further.
🍅if you’ve grown the food yourself, you understand how it hurts to waste any part of it.

🍅It’s easy.
Just dehydrate on medium heat 135 degrees on parchment paper or liners in your dehydrator until crispy. Then grind the skins immediately (important otherwise they get rubbery and don’t grind well.if this happens, pop them back into the dehydrator again for 10 min or so ).

Depending on the type of the tomato, it can take about 8 -12 hours or so. I find Amish thicker peels take more time.

We store in jars for up to a year on the shelf.
30 lbs of tomato skins gives you roughly a 500ml jar of powder.

I don’t want to waste a bit of these beauties

Reconstitute it at 2:1 ratio. 2Tbsp powder to 1 Tbsp water to make a paste.

Lots of life left yet

It’s these little bits of food wisdom tucked into what we are already doing which will save us time and money down the road.

Labelling the ratio on the jar let’s everyone use it without having to ask mom

Love Jenn xx

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