3 Easy Summertime Dip Recipes

I won’t beat around. Sometimes it’s just too hot to cook proper.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve heard.

We wouldn’t know. Right now, in southwest Nova Scotia as we are currently being flooded with record rainfall amounts.

But you could be eating dips. Glorious, lovely dips that are easy to make, delicious to eat, and cause no sweating.

And maybe we will still eat them to manifest some summer sun.

Here goes my faves :

Roasted Corn Dip

https://yellowbrickroadfarm.ca/2021/05/26/roasted-corn-dip/Roasted Corn Dip

Hands down, everyone’s favorite. Even better when corn is in season.

Cowboy Caviar

By God, it’s one of the best tasting dips you will ever make for lunch. Even better the next day.


Cape Island Lobster Dip


This is for the -haul out by the campfire, impress the heck out of people, oh this? I just whipped this up -dip. It’s delicious and decadent and served best in a Tupperware container passes around with rippled potato chips. It dresses down real good.

There you have it. Rotate these over the course of the summer, and you will be crowned Dip Queen in no time. And you will have fed the masses some really, really good food.


Jenn xx

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