“Those people “

I’m one of “those people.” You may be us. Or you may resent us. Or you may think our information comes from Google university.
We are the ones who ask “where did the beef come from for the burger?”. We know seed oils are in almost everything. And we know (and admit it, you do too) people are sicker than ever despite claims “this” is recommended, safe or approved that something is wrong. We know something is very,very wrong.
We pack a mason jar of raw milk and honey to travel with. We read ingredients to minimize the amount of seed oils, modified ingredients and soy we are taking in. But we can’t eliminate it. It’s everywhere. We know good, honest, hardworking farmers who try to support their families and make a living growing good food. But corporations get richer, farmers get more desperate and people get sicker.
We know our best meals are those from the garden, and our freezers because we know they truly are whole.
We worry about people who are hungry. We understand when people are hungry they have very little choices, and are just trying to survive. They just need to eat. We demand privilege should not extend to nourishing, whole food. It should be a right.
We buy the misshapen cucumber from the kid next door’s table with the five carrots and a zucchini on it. We shop farmers markets not to be on trend, but out of a genuine desire to give our money directly back to the farmer. We even volunteer at the market because grassroots is where real change happens. We don’t pick up produce and announce loudly “that’s just crazy to charge that when a pack of seeds costs 3.00!”
We can be lured to a barn with the promise of a freshly butchered cow’s tongue that somebody isn’t going to use. Nothing goes to waste and we will stress ourselves out to make that happen.
We know it may seem hopeless and overwhelming. But we need to hoe our own row. We know we have enough leaders in this world. What we really need is to look after one another first.
We need to make someone a really good burger.
Love Jenn xx

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