Be Patient . You Were Meant To Have A Good Life.

Be gentle with yourself . But be disciplined enough to wash the dishes up before bed, and to change your scivvies daily. And pjs are meant for chores, not stores.

Be kind to others. But watch out for the takers, and know even if it didn’t end up on social media, it was still the right thing to do.

Be kind to animals. But understand the difference between livestock and pets. You will be so grateful for that turkey’s life while watching your whole family being nourished while gathered around the table. And the family dog gets the turkey neck.

Be grateful for what you have. But don’t ever stop striving to improve your circumstances. Even if for today it just means sweeping your front step.

Be a force to be reckoned with. But don’t trample over other’s rights and boundaries. Listen carefully to those that struggle with the word no.

Be healed. But get to a place that allows you to bless the broken road that got you here. Broken young people just become broken old people. There is no magic pill at 50. It’s work you’ll do your whole life.

Be proud of your accomplishments. But never so much so you forget the dusty dirt road you grew up on. It’s where you learned to fix the bicycle chain yourself so you could catch up to your cousins.

Be joyful. But understand trauma can dull every single person’s sparkle. It’s easy to forget God wants you to make it in this world. A lot of people want you to make it too. Listen for them.

Be generous. But understand some people, charities and organizations just have a weak moral compass. No need to harbour a chip on your shoulder about those ones, just give heaps to the others.

Be the change you wish to see in this world. But remember that starts within your own house. And that doesn’t necessarily mean swimming pools, perfect lawns and white kitchens. It’s as simple as the feeling you get when you’ve baked a loaf of fresh bread, and it’s spread with homemade jam made from berries you picked as a family. Now take that feeling and repeat it in some small way for 364 more days.

Be patient. But remember you were made to have a good life. It’ll come.

Love Jenn xx

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