Guacamole Chicken Rice Bowls

I felt the need to try to recreate at home our local, very popular ice cream shop, Dan’s, iconic Guacamole Rice Bowls.

I think I did pretty darn good. (If you haven’t had the original , you should try one – amazing !!)

It all trucks along pretty good if you make guacamole while the rice is cooking and use the chicken cooking time to prep veggies and sour cream.

I cooked basmati rice and seasoned it with soy sauce and let cool.

Making the Guacamole
While that was cooling I made the guacamole (my iconic recipe here :

Then :

I chopped extra tomatoes and red onion to add to the finished bowl.

Cooking The Chicken
I heated my cast iron pan and added a little bacon grease. I browned the diced chicken (ours of course) sprinkled with a little of my bulk taco seasoning, recipe Here .

Then I opened a jar of canned corn (frozen and thawed would work too).

Sour Cream Topping
I took a cup of sour cream and added a tsp of taco seasoning to that too. Set that aside.

Buttercrunch Lettuce from Yonderhill seeds

I picked some buttercrunch lettuce from the garden and then bam !

Putting It All Together
Into the bowl went :
Rice, lettuce, chicken, corn, red onion and tomato.
It was topped by guacamole, and the zesty sour cream.

Oh you guys …..You need to save this one. It was really good!

Thanks for the inspiration Dans…I’ll be by for dessert 🙂

Love Jenn xx

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